Whispering Monkeys

Patrick Mavros is a Zimbabwean luxury jewellery and sculpture designer/brand inspired by Africa. When Patrick Mavros heard about the work being carried out by Hear to Aid he was moved to design a line for the foundation. In May 2019 a beautiful range of jewellery and spoons was launched.

Make Donation

Even the smallest donations truly do make a difference, together we can change the lives of hearing- impaired children in Africa. A few dollars buy hearing aid batteries for a month of hearing aid use for one child. $50-150 covers testing and custom ear mould costs for one child.

Sponsor a Student

The academy was formed in Q1 of 2019 with an initial intake of students. A solution was needed for the overwhelming need for services in the region coupled with the extensive brain drain experienced as a result of economic uncertainty. As an example, Zimbabwe had just ten audiologists servicing

Travel with Purpose

Hear to Aid has partnered with Love for Africa to offer you the opportunity to Travel with Purpose. The packages feature experiences across Zimbabwe from amazing once in a lifetime game drives to the majestic Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.Packages range from shoestring